Design & Kreatív

Design & Creative

Appearance, colour and design – the unity of these three elements forms the first impression of your company or product. We have only one chance to do this. Perfect design is therefore important, but the correct planning of the details can increase consumer interest by at least 35%.

Effective ergonomic structure is necessary to the success of e-commerce webshops. Knowing your target market and your product or service, we will be able to create an innovative ergonomic design to impress and satisfy your clients.

Social Média

Social Media

Have you ever visited Facebook, Google+ or Twitter? Most of your customers are likely to be daily visitors. The social media world is a totally new, innovative area which requires totally new marketing strategies. Customers here have very high expectations so we have to provide the perfect content which they demand.

Social media has created a platform where consumers can give their product reviews and make them go viral. Our specialists build a strategy for you to create a positive, mutual relationship with your clients and make your company ꜠꜠social”.



We are always working to develop new custom technologies, so your company can run more effectively. Whether it’s for online or offline, you tell us your needs and it’s our job to discover, create and implement the right software. We have the experience and the innovative ideas that allow us to pursue the best solutions for reaching your goals.


Search Optimalization

Have your customers ever come to you not knowing what they wanted? Of course not. As a result of the economic crisis, people shop with purpuse. In most cases clients always search for solution to their problems or needs. The aim of our search optimalization is that your potential customer should find your service or product everywhere on the web.

Online marketing kampányok

Online marketing campaigns

Spreading of the internet, it’s necessary to spend a significant part of marketing budget online. If somebody doesn’t know the internet world, it’s hard for them to decide on advertising questions. Where and how much should be advertised? What kind of graphics should be used? How should the results be measured? Everybody knows that half of the marketing budget is a waste of money. We can help you at least to recover your online costs.

Because of our experience, we know where you should advertise; we create graphics which entice your clients to buy your product, and you can measure the return.

Increase your income with the power of community
Put your Facebook, Google+, Twitter accounts and mobile applications to work for you!


We increase your income tenfold!
Did you know that with a good search-optimalized website you can realize ten time your present income?

About us

Csanda Viktor Csanda Viktor aláírása

Viktor Csanda

ceo, co-founder

My internet career began before the millenium. I made my first online developing project, which was a chat program, in the dailup internet period. Since 2003, when most advertising revenue was still coming from public display ads, I was already online ffering my own websited and business models. Back int he day, we carried a laptop and an expensive mobile net to client meetings to explain the advantages of this new technology.

Since then I have taken part in planning and realizing many huge projects, content-generating websites, intranet systems and many other software programs. In the last 5 years, I have turned to the transaction models and webshops.

I’m sure that we are filly prepared to provide the optimal solution for your needs.

Forray Anita Forray Anita aláírása

Anita Forray

head of marketing, co-founder

Since my childhood, I have loved to create, and my enthusiasm is undiminished. I always take pleasure and pride when I create a new online product. So marketing was always a clear choice for my profession.

During my career I have worked for a B2B company, webshops, dating websites, and a print publisher. That’s why I have been able to make friends with a lot of interesting and valuable people, and manage a lot of succesful advertising and promotional campaigns.

Innovations come daily in the field of online marketing (for example affiliate marketing or Facebook and mobile applications) which most of the times need to be built into new campaigns. My favorite part of marketing is campaign planning and managing, brainstorming, planning of graphics and establishing new contacts. I hope I can meet you soon!

Odor József Odor József aláírása

József Odor

web strategist, co-founder

I have a friend who had a house as his symbol in kindergarten. He went ont o become an architecht. I had a train symbol, but I’m not a railwayman. I learnt to be a programmer. I be lying if I said I knew anything about marketing at that time, but I created a website for my family business. This was when I first encountered online marketing.

In 2007, I realized I had more and more online visitors and customers. Most arrived from Google. That’s why I decided to learn how to increase online traffic. At that time I fell in love with SEO and online marketing.

In 2008, I took part in the first Hungarian search engine optimalization training, where I learnt the secret of SEO and PPC from the best.

In this industry, you always need fresh knowledge along with a strong basis. Fortunately, I have had exciting daily challenges. I dealt with webshops, dating sites, travel agencies, coupon sites, B2B and B2C service providers.

At Webformance my role is web strategist: I’m responsible for new business development as well as online marketing. The best thing in the world for me is to establish a prosperous business from minimal cost with the help of online marketing. It has worked for me many times, and my target is to achieve this for your business.

We offer a one-year-guarantee!
We have confidence in our skills, so we give a twelve month guarantee on our products!

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